Looking for a fun way to open the eyes of the young (and young at heart) in your worship space? Play sanctuary BINGO!
Make a bingo sheet with drawings, photos, or descriptive words of shapes and symbols that you see in your church worship space. During a non worship time...such as education hour or a special family social/event hand out the bingo sheets with a marking tool. Instruct the participants to walk around as individuals (like stealth spies) and when they find something that matches the sheet they can cross it off. Decide whether "bingo" is one row or the whole sheet (we call this black out).When someone gets "bingo" they can shout it out...but the game continues until time is called. Designate a spot the participants are to meet at when they've completed their game board--this will help you know when everyone is done.
When time is called, gather everyone together and discuss what they found. Discuss the meanings of the symbols that might not be obvious.
We've used this as a warm up prior to working with children to design worship banners. The kids often love being able to walk freely around their worship space...including areas that don't usually walk in such as a chancel or behind a pulpit. This is a good time to introduce the word reverence if it's not in their vocabulary (like when you're telling them not to RUN while playing the game). The children become more visually aware of the how and why to worship spaces and often can educate adults about shapes and symbols we take for granted.