Church and Steeler's Football

I love my hometown of Pittsburgh. Currently it's hard not to get swept up in Steeler's Nation excitement even though I'm not a native nor am I a huge professional football fan. Someone suggested the studio might enjoy making Steelers' stoles for pastors to wear this Sunday. I'm sure I could sell at least one, but we chose to keep worship of God....just that, and nothing else. The closest we ever came to breaking this was for a pastor that ministers in a college town with two schools that have a huge rivalry. We created the stole in this photo for him. The Sunday prior to "the big game" he walked into worship wearing both school's colors. When it was time to delivery the sermon he approached the pulpit and reversed the stole to the other side that delivered the message of peace. I wasn't worshiping with this congregation on that Sunday but I did appreciate this pastor's desire to connect to his congregation with his sense of humor yet in the end try to bring them around to focus on the Lord. Carrot Top Studio enjoys a challenge and we look forward to the next "unique" commission!