Merry Christmas!

The studio closes at noon today and we're grateful for the busy season that it has been for us but we are also looking forward to a week's respite with family and friends. What gets me through this jam packed season that is really supposed to be about expectant waiting and preparation is a new book of meditations I treat myself to each year, all the delicous sugary treats, and laughing at commercial advertisements for "the season". Here were a few commercial slogans that gave me a chuckle this year:

  • Let’s make Christmas! (how could we "make it" better than it's already been made?)

  • You can give them Christmas (for a jewelry store)

  • A million reasons to Believe (for a department store)

Merry Christmas to you and yours. We look forward to the next year of helping you celebrate the visual with stoles and worship banners from our studio.