The Circle

For many years I've heard about an exciting ministry in my hometown that uses a dynamic blend of music and drama in their worship services. It was joyful to finally have the opportunity to worship with the Hot Metal Bridge Faith Community in Pittsburgh, PA last Sunday. They desire to be a bridge to Jesus Christ by participating in communion, welcoming all into community, listening and having compassion, growing in faith and sharing Christ’s story with the community in this area of Pittsburgh, the surrounding neighborhoods, and the world. The worship ended with Communion served as we exited to go to an outside patio. All worshipers exited, received the elements and then stood in a huge circle to pray and receive a benediction. How fitting it was to stand in a circle for this sacrament. I love the symbolism of a circle: unity, God's neverending love, the Church universal, completeness. Additionally we chose to place this ancient symbol in our new mini-banner that focuses on the story of the hemorrhaging woman as recorded in Matthew 9:20-22, Mark 5:25-34, and Luke 8: 43-47. The circle is this artwork is to remind us of the committment of our whole selves to God. I'm thankful for the spiritual nourishment of present day experiences like taking Communion but also remain thankful for being able to learn from stories from the past like the couragous women of the gospels.