Ordinary Time

Ordinary Time is a lengthy celebration in the Church Year calendar. Don't let it become...well, too ordinary! This is the time when we study and grow based upon what the Bible teaches. This should be an extraordinary time! What are some ways you can celebrate life and hope?
  • ...families can be encouraged to use this relaxed time of year to learn the ritual of keeping the Sabbath. As we enter the often hectic Advent and Christmas seasons this day of rest will bring all the more rejuvination and focus.

...encourage an attitude of gratitude. Find specific ways to show God's love. For example, in our neck of the woods the leaves are dropping from the trees and it's easy to find people that need extra helping hands with yard clean up.

...think of ways to be peace makers...with your congregation, your small group Bible study, or a family could make a banner of peace that expresses your ideas and will be a visual reminder of working towards fulfilling them.

...go green....green is the liturgical color for Ordinary Time to help us focus on this time of growth. Ministry leaders wear green during this season but, we can also celebrate the green of creation by learning to take care of our world in better ways. Recycling our office paper and unused worship bulletins, using earth friendly products like paper instead of styrafoam coffee cups, and cleaning supplies without chemicals are easy things that many of us do at home that can easily translate to our church facilities.