Harvest Thanksgivings

I must confess I love fall! Among other things it's the colors, the smell of the air, and the sight of the leaves swirling down from the tree branches. This change of seasons is very energizing to my creative soul. For example, since May I have been trying to support our local economy and eat healthier by buying all of my family's produce at the farmer's market. We've discovered that artichokes can be grown in Pennsylvania if it rains at the right time, that brussel sprouts grow on a stalk, and we're currently eating varieties of apples that we'd never even heard of before. This has been a fun endeavor that has expanded my cooking reportorie, opened up our palates to new tastes, and has made me very thankful for those that dig the earth, plant the seed, and lovingly nurture the produce that ends up on our tables. I've supported this experience by slurging on a new cookbook, In Season, by Sarah Raven. It's of course not about liturgical seasons, but celebrates the seasons of the earth.....so, for example, if you stumble upon something like a quince and have no idea what to do with it you can use this book as a reference and it will give you several practical recipes that use quinces.

It's rare that I can separate my personal life from my life in the studio because my studio life is very much a part of who I am. All the wonderful fall produce at the farmers market and the upcoming American time of Thanksgiving found us creating a new harvest stole design. It's a bargain on ebay this week and in the future you can find it here on our website.

I'm signing off to go celebrate the harvest and this God's great creation by making cauliflower soup from the largest, most magnificent looking head of cauliflower I've ever seen before.