All Saints Day

Halloween and trick-or-treating provide for a very "sweet" holiday but this Sunday many churches will celebrate the even sweeter All Saints Day. Here is artist Wassily Kandinsky's (1886 – 1944), the father of abstract art, interprutation of "All Saints Day"--
Some historians believe this special day has been in existence since the year 270. This is an opportunity to honor all saints of the church even those not yet named and many include this to also celebrate unity within the entire church. We recall men and women of the Bible like Abraham, Sarah, Moses, Deborah, Ruth, David, Elijah, Peter, and Paul (among others), and thank God for their examples. Many congregations also memorialize those parishioners who were called to be with the Lord in recent years, particularly in the last year. Finally and most importantly, on this day we glorify God not just for the faithfulness of the saints, but for His faithfulness to the saints. Celebrate by gathering with friends and family at a special meal and discuss atttributes of saints you strive for, light candles in cemetaries, toll bells in your church buildings and celebrate in prayer in worship.