Praying in Color

I saw the book title Praying in Color and quickly suspected it would be something I would enjoy. I've been doodling and finding respite in simple line drawings since I was a child (that was many moons ago!) Author Sybil MacBeth is not an artist but she has realized the power of the doodle drawing during prayer time as a means of focus, a method or relaxation, and a tool to help one draw closer to God in the intimacy of prayer. MacBeth's thoughts and suggestions will of course be appealing to people that are visual but I also think they'd be a welcome reprieve for people that haven't doodled since elementary school. Beyond using her techniques personally this book is a great find for those that lead children, youth groups or those that have a difficult time saying prayers out loud in a community setting. If you find this intriguing you will certainly enjoy learning more at the website Praying in Color.