New Resurrection Stole Design

We love it when clients share ideas for new products with us! Recently a client shared his personal story of why the Resurrection bird (the hummingbird) had a special meaning to him due to his unique relationship with the foster care of several special children born HIV positive. The pictured Resurrection stole is the result of his story. It is full of symbolism that would apply to many in ministry. It is white to represent the purity of Christ. The spring flowers remind us of rebirth and the lilies for purity and the Resurrection (because of it's rebirth from a seemingly lifeless bulb). Hummingbirds are the crowning glory as a reference to their legend as resurrection birds: they seem to die and be reborn on another day. You can read a New York Times article regarding the hummingbird here.
Ministry leaders know best what they can't find in the commercial market. We love to be able to fill the gap with our handcrafted stoles. We welcome you to share your ideas with us at