Malawi, Africa

We're excited that at this moment this stole and coordinating banner are on their way with a group from Pittsburgh, PA traveling to Malawi, Africa. The banner and stole represent "The Lord is My Shepherd" as David described in Psalm 23. God is seen as a caring shepherd and a dependable guide. The shepherd's cross on the stole helps us imagine Jesus as a shepherd, guiding us and looking after us. Additionally on the banner, the sun: the life giving force, is symbolic of Christ, the moon reminds us of the passage of time, the rainbows: a symbol of God's faithfulness, and the river calls to mind Christ's referenece to living water in John 4:10.

Our faith community has a partnership with a similar community in Malawi, Africa. We exchange missionary visits to learn and grow from each other. The people of Malawi are some of the most cheerful, positive outlooking I have ever met. Carrot Top Studio hopes that these pieces of fiber art will be a reminder to our friends that we are the church together..."so that we may be mutually encouraged by each others faith" (Rom. 1:12).