It's Good to Be Green!

In my youth and then through my own children I've watched my fair share of Sesame Street and recall that Kermit the frog didn't think it was very easy being green. If you don't remember this moment you can watch it here. Carrot Top Studio loves celebrating green during Ordinary Time and thinks it's very easy to be green! Green has traditionally been associated with new life and growth. Even in Hebrew in the Old Testament, the same word for the color “green” also means “young.” In Christian tradition, green has come to symbolize the life of the church following Pentecost, as well as symbolizing the hope of new life in the resurrection. The palette is inspired by the many greens God has gifted us with. But, Ordinary Time certainly does not need to be "ordinary," and is not meant to mean that somehow we get a break from the Liturgical Year. The opposite is true: Ordinary Time celebrates "the mystery of Christ in all its aspects." Our website has new stoles in many categories including Baptism, Ordinary Time, and the "even more stoles" category. Additionally if you like a bargain, you can try to win one of our stoles on eBay by looking here!