I've just returned from New York City where I had the extra special, opportunity of seeing The Lion King on Broadway. My seat was at the back of the theatre, but it was still a great seat. This location caused me to reflect upon how we can't think of our worship spaces from just one up close "good" seat. How do you make the visual important from every angle of the congregation? In this photo from the performance the costuming demonstrates how very simple, yet dramatic color combinations can be one way to make a visual stand out. Conversly there are many times you don't want to call attention to a just want it to enhance an entire service. The patterns on the stage in this photo are an example of how the visual can be a supporting element in what we do in our worship spaces. When Carrot Top Studio works on a banner commission I always sit in many different seats within the worship space prior to confirming the plan for banners. It's an interesting task....give it a try!