On My Travel List

I'm a list maker. I'm afraid I go well beyond the "what to buy at the grocery store" list. I have lists of books I want to read, movies I'd like to watch, things my children should pursue this summer, gift ideas, ways that I might fund my children's college educations, vines to try, etc. etc. I love to travel. For the time being most of my travel is in my dreams....so I keep a list of all those places I will go someday when time and funding allows. On the list is the Chapel of the Rosary in Vence, France. Henri Matisse used shape and color toward the end of his career to design this Chapel. I feel drawn to the simple and quiet and the photographs of this space tell me I'd love to experience it first hand.Isn't it wonderful?

Thinking of simple I'd also like to share with you one of the books I'm working my way through. The Holy Way: Practices for a Simple Life, by Paula Huston is about the author's search for simple living modeled after the lives and writings of the great monastic saints. Using her first hand experiences she relates a variety of practical, day-to-day measures that we might apply to our lives. Yes, it was on my summer reading LIST!