Healing Meditation Banner

Carrot Top Studio is now offering a selection of small banners on our etsy site. The image to the left is our newest creation.

This 24 x 30" art quilt would be meaningful hung in a church, retreat center or the quiet spot of your home. Use it to help you focus and center your thoughts and prayers.The images remind us of the story of the Samaritan woman at the well from John 4:1-26. The jug recalls the woman seizing the opportunity to get water from the well. Jesus uses the water as a metaphor to teach the woman. It is seen on the banner horizontally and vertically. The stones disappear visually to remind us that living water through Jesus "washes away" our sin. The woman goes to the well but receives so much more!

This inspirational banner is created out of cottons in a multitude of fabrics. The symbols are all machine appliqued. It is backed with a coordination dark blue cotton broadcloth. It has a 3" hanging sleeve that runs across the back for you to run your own dowel, curtain rod, or natural branch through for hanging (see photo).

Email us to arrange a purchase ($115 + 6.00 S&H/US) of this banner jenny.gallo@CarrotTopStudio.com!