Mini Banners

Carrot Top Studio often gets inquries about carrying "ready made" banners. Up until this date we have enjoyed providing a custom worship banner commission service. We feel strongly that worship banners should be created to an appropriate scale/size for each worship space. Because worship spaces don't come in standard sizes (now that would be boring!) large worship banners are difficult for us to provide in standard sizes.

Through our etsy store we are now offering "mini banners". They are approximately 24 x 30". We envision these providing an option for customers to purchase a banner for their home, a quiet spot in a retreat center, or a chapel or small worhsip space. We are proud of our designs and craftsmanship and for someone not familiar with our products we hope this will be an affordable option for you to get to know us better.

Thank you to all our clients that took time to let us know that they desired in stock banners to be offered!