I had to chuckle as I read the newspaper this morning. In the "Living" section was an article about Crayola's new color choices that have been introduced to mark the occassion of the 50th anniversary of the 64 Box.

The new Kids' Choice colors include:
  • Super Happy--A bright yellow.

  • Fun in the Sun--An orangy color that means exercise and keeping fit are important and fun.

  • Giving Tree--A lime-green color that shows kids are thinking green and want to play a part in protecting the Earth.

  • Bear Hug--A brown hue of hamrony as kids want their homes to feel warm and loving just like a great big bear hug.

  • Awesome--A bright red that means kids think school is cool and getting good grades feels awesome.

  • Happy Ever After--A blue that shows that kids want to create moments for others so everyone's story has a happy ending.

  • Famous--The pink-red color shows kids to believe they can become celebs just like everyday people who become stars.

  • Best Friends--The shade that says spending time with you BFF is what you enjoy most.
Much of the business at Carrot Top Studio revolves around color used to celebrate the liturgical church year. So I'm going to write Crayola and suggest with the upcoming Pentecost celebration they should introduce a "Pentecost crayon". I envision firey reds, oranges and yellows on one end to represent the tongues of fire. On the opposite end we'd see a pale blue/grey for the rush of wind that was felt on the day we commerate as the church's birthday. We'll let you know when this crayon goes into production!

And now I must confess a particular fondness to Crayolas. In fact, on my studio desk sits a box of 96 crayons and if I'm in a creative dry spot the crayons can often help me through the process. Have a colorful day!