Banner Commissions

At Carrot Top Studio we enjoy the challenge of making banners for a specific setting. That is why we don't carry ready made banners. We think it's important that the color, size, and visual message accentuate the existing architecture and environment.

Above is our latest commission. It is a set of seven banners for Advent/Christmas that focus on God's messengers, the angels. The narrow banners are embellished with symbols of Mary: the rose and the fleur-de-lis (a stylized lily). The center banner uses the symbol of a Natal cross which is shaped like a star. This reminds us of the story of Jesus' birth and the foretold purpose of his birth. The decorative flower borders are created using the Glastonbury thorn plant. According to legend it budded from the staff planted by Joseph of Arimethea when he took refuge in Glastonbury. Because it blooms during the Christmas season it has become a symbol of the Nativity.

And here's a glimpse of the process it took to get a finished product.