Columbus Day

Today, Americans celebrate Columbus Day, a holiday celebrating the arrival of Christopher Columbus to the Americas.
While taking pleasure in a new book, given to me by a friend that knows I enjoy the haunting lovliness of Shaker music, I came across the piece, "Christoper Columbus's March". The commentary by the editor, Christian Goodwillie is interesting--
The lyrics use maritime metaphors to make the comparison between Columbus's voyage of discovery and the committed Believer's lifelong voyage of spiritual discovery...Travelers on both journeys brave the unknown, yet like Columbus, the faithful Believer "shall safe embark, On Canaan's happy shore". The lyric describing the "rolling seas of time" is particularly poignant in its evocation of life's uncertainty, whether one lives within the faith or without."
The book Shaker Songs: A Celebration of Peace, Harmony, and Simplicity can be purchased on Amazon. It even includes a CD of traditional Shaker music with performances by the Boston Camerata!