It wasn't until recently that I started to challenge myself to learn new words and actually try to apply them in speech and writing. I wonder why it took 4+ decades to enjoy this activity? Regardless, I'm pleased to announce that I learned a new word today! I stumbled across an artist who calls her business Poiema. It is pronounced poy'-ay-mah. You probably use this word daily but, because I don't I got caught up in doing a little research.

It turns out that Poiema is a Greek word used in the New Testament for handiwork or work of art. It says that we are God’s creation. It is a referenece to Ephesians 2:10: "We are His work. He has made us to belong to Christ Jesus so we can work for Him. He planned that we should do this." He speaks here of grace, and not of nature: therefore if the works are ever so good, we should see what they are, and know that they are that way because of grace.

How exciting that each person is a beautiful gift. Everyone is welcome and their gifts are encouraged. Every single one of us is a masterpiece. So be it!

*artwork is the Vitruviun Man by Leonardo da Vinci. A little known fact...The Vitruvian Man is actually named for the man who created him, the Roman architect Vitruvius. Vitruvius, a proponent of the Sacred Geometry of Pythagoras, designed temples based on the proportions of the human body, believing them to be perfect. This perfection, wrote Vitruvius, was due to the fact that the extended limbs of a perfectly proportioned human fit into both the circle and the square.