We were very surprised to have a bat in the studio today!

I enjoy seeing the bats circle the tops of the pine trees at night but really didn't know how to handle this scared, little creature inside....especially as my daughter turned white because she was petrified.

After an animal control agent (I kid you not!) took care of the situation I had a jolt of a memory of a pastor in our church many years ago. Reverend was very tall and wore a black robe while preaching. He pronounced the benediction each Sunday by raising only one arm. We came to learn that when the pastor was young he first delivered a benediction with his wife-to-be in the pews whom immediately erupted in fits of silent laughter. It turns out that between the man's stature and the big black robe all his betrothed could think of, while he raised both arms at the end of worship, was that he just looked like a big old bat. Hence the forty year tradition with this wonderful man of only using one arm to deliver a benediction!

At Carrot Top Studio we work at and blog about the visual in the church today. Visual components such as banners and stoles certainly aren't created to make the congregation laugh. But, recalling our former pastor's story does make me sensitive to the fact that the visual can appear differently from different perspectives! How about you...any visuals that didn't work despite your good intentions in your church? I hope the reaction was laughter and nothing much worse. I'll sign off so I can make sure the screens and doors are secure so there will be no more unexpected guests in the studio today!