Support a Womens Small Business in Haiti

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western hemisphere. The average yearly income per family is about $250. Haiti is plagued with unclean water, no medical care, no public transportation, no public education and unemployment.

Our faith community, Westminster Presbyterian ( in Pittsburgh, PA has a relationship with the LaCroix New Testament Mission in Haiti. Recently, friends visited Haiti and taught a small group of young women from the mission to hand-paint silk. The group is known as La Femme de LaCroix (The Women of the Cross). They have now learned how to paint, process, package, and keep records for the project. The goal is to provide training for the girls, who also get tuition credit for the silk they produce. The mission receives the entire profit from the sale of the scarves made from this silk. We have purchased some of the exciting hand dyed silk to encourage the women of LaCroix in their small business and to include it in the design of a series of stoles for purchase through the Carrot Top Studio website.

Fifty percent of the sale of each stole will be given to support the ministry to this Haitian community to help it continue to grow to become healthy and strong. You may purchase one at (http://
To learn more about the ministry to the LaCroix New Testament Mission go to http://