Living in God's Time

Jesus teaches us through parables about the kingdom of God. For example, he uses the story of the mustard seed which grows into a large shrub. Likewise during Ordinary Time many churches use the color green for their stoles, vestments, and banners as an instructional reminder. Green is the color of growth and we can easily be stirred by nature to examine the multitude of variety there is within the hue and then carry this into the color within our sanctuaries. We are constantly inspired by Jesus's clever ways of teaching and using color and symbols is yet another way we can reach especially those that learn visually.

Additionally, as we grow to understand the kingdom of God I think of the questioning strategies that the Children and Worship ( ) program uses. They teach the children to “wonder” to facilitate growth. For example:

  • I wonder what the kingdom of God looks like in today’s scripture?
  • I wonder why Jesus told this story?
  • I wonder how I would have to change to live as Jesus tells us?
  • I wonder what I can do this week to participate in the kingdom of God?

In the midst of this Oridnary Time enjoy the numerous greens, take time to wonder, and be encouraged to grow and lead others to do the same.

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If you like these thoughts you may enjoy Living in God’s Time, by Margaret McMillan Persky.