Ordinary Time Ingenuity

Ordinary Time might take a little ingenuity. I like to ponder what Acts 2:42 says; “They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship and the breaking of bread and prayers”. In worship we change our stoles and banners to the traditional shades of green to symbolize growth. Our actions can also promote a visual influence and reminder of the Mystery of Christ. I stumbled across a list of ideas from the United States Catholic Bishops that includes simple tangible suggestions. They include:

Give a flower~Eat lunch with someone new~Listen with your heart~Visit a sick friend~Clean a neighbor's walk~Offer a hug~Give an unexpected gift~Make a new friend~Say "hello"~Call a lonely person~Open a door~Help carry a load~Plant a tree~Pass a kindness on~Buy someone's meal~Cheer up a friend~Thank a teacher~Give blood~Read to a child~Do one kind act every day~Leave a thank you note~Offer your seat~Tip generously~Be tolerant~Let another go first~Tutor a student~Give a compliment~Pay the next driver's toll~Lend a hand~Offer a ride~Respect others~Encourage a child~Walk a dog~Do a favor~Forgive mistakes~Drive courteously~Share a smile.

Enjoy living in the midst of Ordinary Time!