In the midst of this season of ashes and dust, if you are in ministry, you probably need to think ahead to plan an Easter celebration. At Carrot Top Studio we also work a season ahead, therefore the phrase “Rejoice at the coming of your King!” is currently dancing in mind. This reference to Zechariah 9:9 fills me joy!

How will your congregation illustrate the joy of the Easter season? It may possibly be through the traditional colors of white and gold. Many will display lilies (see for an explanation of lilies) and spring flowers. Crosses will be draped in white and stoles and worship banners will display butterflies and the Lamb of God. Others will greet Easter morn while worshiping outside. The bona fide rising sun is an awesome visual display that could be part of any liturgical ritual.

What else can we do that is visual in worship for Easter? Involving children is keeping with Christ’s teachings. The young and young at heart would love to show their Easter joy with visual art that includes motion. Make ribbon dancers (directions follow) and let them REJOICE through movement accompanied by the uplifting music of Easter.

Ribbon Dancer

Supplies: 12” long wood dowel at least ¼” in diameter,
1 eye hook,
1 barrel swivel (found where fishing supplies are sold),
3-6’ silk ribbon, approx. 1” wide.

Attach eye hook in end of dowel. Attach barrel swivel to eye hook. Tie ribbon onto barrel swivel. Enjoy the movement of the ribbon by holding the dowel and turning your wrist.