Color Is the Symbol

We woke this morning to a glorious scene of sparkling snow. The whiteness blanketed everything it could. The color set a feeling in me that was much different than when I rise on a grey, rainy day or a brilliant, sun filled day. It never ceases to amaze me how color can affect a mood, trigger a feeling, or set the tone of an environment. Thinking of this is very fitting with the beginning of Lent right around the corner. I love the season of Lent because it invites us to a more intense reflection and a recoiling from everyday life. How can this feeling and mood be approached visually in worship? The liturgical color for Lent is purple, a solemn color, and a color for royalty and repentance. Consider letting color, without symbols, be the visual, solemn code and vehicle for centering on Christ. The color is the symbol.