In the News

Vestments, in the past several weeks, have been making news headlines! The Red Mass, celebrated annually in the Catholic Church for judges, prosecutors, attorneys, law school professors and students, and government officials was celebrated at the beginning of the month. It takes its name from the red vestments worn by the celebrant and the people at the Mass to symbolize the Holy Spirit.

Secondly, it was a pleasure to read about the Rev. Gary Schulte as he was installed in New Hampshire to head the Congregational churches in that conference. Reportedly, hundreds celebrated by wearing white robes and colorful vestments.

Most recently, the news services have described the multicolored vestments that represent a new dawn, worn by Bishop Katherine Jefferts Schori as she formally took office Saturday as the first woman to lead the Episcopal Church.

Color has been used symbolically by all civilizations. I see it as a gift that unifies, focuses, and teaches. It also supports our emotions for celebrations and reflection. May we continue to embrace color through our faith and in our worship of the Almighty God!