A Spider Made Me Think

A spider has decided to make my front storm door its home. While I was out of town it spun a beautiful web. At this point the children had watched the entire process and there was no way this spider was moving to a new location. Daily we see the web become more intricate or the spider catch food or the dew glisten on the strands, all while the spider gracefully moves about without disrupting a single strand.

Because we have so enjoyed this gift from the natural world it has made me wonder if we use the nature that God has given us to the best of our abilities in worship. I immediately think of cut flower arrangements which can be beautiful but sometimes they neglect to focus on or relate to the worship at hand. I heard of a congregation that used cut forsythia branches during Lent to represent the need to have simplicity during this season. As the days and weeks progressed the buds on the branches opened, timed so that at Easter this natural wonder matched the pageantry and glorious celebration of the Easter season. What a wonderful statement this must have made for this congregation!

We are approaching Advent and I wonder if my congregation will be using fresh greens instead of artificial. Their beauty and aroma will be reminders of the everlasting love God has for us. We’d love to hear the creative endeavors you have made to intertwine nature with our worship of the Almighty One.