Multiple Intelligences in Worship

Are you a visual learner? Researchers estimate that 40-60% of people learn visually. You are correct if this sounds like something students and teachers are thinking about during back to school season. This is not, however, to be neglected by the faith community.

In 1983, Howard Gardner published his landmark book, Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences, in which he detailed a different way of viewing intelligence that was quickly embraced by educators. Gardner, a Harvard researcher and professor, looked at intelligence as many-sided rather than as a general aptitude that could be measured by a paper and pencil test. He saw these intelligences as gifts within an individual that should be recognized and fostered.

How is your congregation addressing the needs of those that will be more attuned to worship through visual elements? Worship and Arts committees might brainstorm and find ideas beginning with banners fixed in one spot, power point staging, processional banners, flowers and other natural objects, clergy stoles and vestments, mobiles. This is not an exclusive list! We are encouraged and instructed again and again throughout the Bible to worship with all that we are…just don’t neglect the visual aspect.

If you have never taken a Multiple Intelligences quiz you might find interesting!