How to Celebrate Ordinary Time

As a Presbyterian, my church celebrates Ordinary Time, for us it is the longest portion of the church year. It is a time of spiritual growth and we celebrate with the color green. Ordinary in this situation does not mean regular or average but it comes from the word "ordinal" which simply means counted time. We our currently in the midst of counting our days until we begin Advent.

Professionally I am the designer of stoles and worship banners. I love using the many greens that nature gives us during the months of Ordinary Time. The fresh, lively spring greens to the rich and deep greens of summer and finally the soft and subdued tones of fall are all so visually satisfying. Personally, this time of year conjures up a few symbols such as: plant life to represent growth, creation (I love connecting to 2 Cor. 5:17-19), and the anchor cross and a heart to signify faith, hope and love.

There is much to embrace when we examine our Christian life, growth, and the mystery of God. So, how do you observe Ordinary Time devotedly and creatively for so many weeks?