A Duct Tape Stole!?

I've just stumbled upon an old news story about a bride and groom that wore a wedding dress and tuxedo created out of duct tape. They were kind enough to complete the look by creating a stole out of the same supplies for the pastor. Reading this report has caused me to shake my head while at the same time chuckle out loud...what will someone think of next?

While maintaining reverence for worship, artists should think seriously about the materials that can be used for items such as stoles and worship banners. The days of felt glued upon felt are thankfully in the past! In my mind, any material that doesn't stretch is viable for these creations. When we think of worship banners the possibilities extend even further to include multitudes of types of papers. With both fabrics and papers, sheerness, transparency, texture, color, and pattern should be considered (and not forgotten) when seeking supplies for your next addition of something visual in worship. Happy creating!