Hi, I'm Jenny Gallo.

I'm an artist, an educator, and owner of Carrot Top Studio.


Launched in 2004 as a resource for unique ministry stoles and related products, this business has grown to assist a wide variety of pastors, clergy, ministers, wedding officiants, chaplains and gifters of those in ministry. We aim to make a visual connection to the Word in all that we offer on this site!

Email us at jenny.gallo@CarrotTopStudio.com or call 412-480-4193 We love hearing form you!

At Carrot Top Studio you'll find...

  • handcrafted, limited edition ministry stoles

  • a creative, hands on confirmation stole lesson plan

  • one of a kind fiber art offered as meditation and worship banners, and more!

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Peek inside the studio in this short video—

A few minutes behind the scenes at Carrot Top Studio will let you glimpse the process, work, and product results of this maker of unique hand crafted ministry clergy stoles. Products for ministers, clergy, pastors, wedding officiants and chaplains are sold at www.CarrotTopStudio.com .

I'm also a wife, mother, baker, gardener, and book lover. We'll talk about that in another space.

What have we done?

We have created and sold over 2000 stoles in the last fifteen years of business. Our work has been displayed at the Pennsylvania Quilt Extravaganza XII, was juried into Sacred Threads 2009 and 2015, and was a 2nd place winner in the banner category at the Central Pennsylvania Arts Festival in 2006. Sharing our passion for the connection to the visual in ministry we authored a column for the Spire of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh, PA and curated that churches art gallery for five years.

Contact us if you have an idea for an item that is not already in our collections. We love hearing and learning from you!

What do our clients say?

The great variety of ministry professionals that we serve tell us things like:

  • "the stole is beautifully crafted," "I cried when I was told the meaning of the symbols of the stole I was presented for my Ordination," "the stole is so very, unique", and "I'm the best dressed pastor in the Presbytery!" And now we're blushing!

  • and our shipping is so swift that it caused one pastor to share that: "Carrot Top Studio ships so quickly. They would never let one preach naked." We say three cheers for a sense of humor!

If this isn't enough to boost your confidence to work with us, send a email (jenny.gallo@CarrotTopStudio.com) and we'll get you a list of referrals.